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Cleveland County Abuse Prevention Council serves as a bridge between being a victim to becoming a survivor of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, homelessness and homemaker displacement through the provision of safe shelter, advocacy, support services, and preventive education.

Current Statistics:

Cleveland County Abuse Prevention Council – Lighthouse Shelter Services

July 1,2016 – June 30, 2017

Shelter Services Provided for:

  • Adults: 110
  • Children 61
  • Night Stays 7495



Our residents identify as being part of the following racial or ethnic groups:

race ethnicity

And the following age categories:


Services Provided:

Case Management Services                760 services provided

All residents receive a comprehensive case management assessment which includes information about presenting need for shelter, mental health and trauma history, safety needs, legal issues, medical needs, financial status, employment/disability status, and housing goals.  At the end of the assessment residents identify at least four case management priorities.   Residents meet at least weekly with case managers to develop an action plan to address their identified priorities, receive information on resources available and review progress toward goals.   All resident’s case management plans are reviewed monthly during case staffing where case manager may receive information from other professional staff on resources that may help the resident reach their goals.

Transportation                                       540 trips provided

APC staff transports shelter residents in the agency van, provides bus tokens and access to fee based transportation services on an as-needed basis to appointments, meetings, job interviews, support groups, community events, shopping trips etc.

Job Counseling                                         69 group and individual sessions

Staff provides training  and assistance with resume and cover letter writing, job search etiquette, interviewing skills, dressing for success, networking, searching for jobs online and setting up an email account for submitting resumes.  Resdients have access to agency computer for job serach.

Financial Services                                  26 individual or group sessions  

(case management sessions not included)

Staff provides education related to financial literacy, guides residents in assessing their financial situation, and assists with creating and maintaining personal budgets. Education also includes how to purchase or rent a home, and pay utilities.

Health Education                                    83 individual and group sessions 

Staff provides health education on nutrition, basic health care, preventive exercises, stress management, sexual health/AIDS prevention, self-esteem and positive body image.

Meals                                                            22,485

The Lighthouse offers three meals a day for all residents.