Frequently Asked Questions

Cleveland County Abuse Prevention Council serves as a bridge between being a victim to becoming a survivor of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, homelessness and homemaker displacement through the provision of safe shelter, advocacy, support services, and preventive education.

APC Services 2013-2014

Shelter Services

  •  5647 night stays were provided for 349 women and children for an average daily occupancy of 15 individuals during the 2013-2014 program year.
  • 324 individuals were seeking shelter because of domestic violence.  116 of those were children.

Non shelter Domestic Violence Services

  •  Counseling  services were provided for 337 clients.
  •  546 clients were assisted by the Court Advocate

Non shelter Sexual Assault Services

  • Counseling  services were provided for 139 clients
  • 31 clients were assisted by the Court Advocate