Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Resource Team

Cleveland County is one of ten counties in the State of North Carolina that was awarded the Enhancing Rural Strategies grant from the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence. This grant allows APC to hire a full-time employee to coordinate and facilitate a team of individuals and organizations from our community, in order to make Cleveland County a safer place.

Our Mission:

The Cleveland County Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Resource Team is comprised of individuals and organizations from our community who are committed to reducing the number of incidents and victims of domestic and sexual abuse, insuring victims are treated respectfully and consistently, and increasing awareness, by fostering collaboration throughout the community.

Our Main Goals:

  • We want to increase community education and prevention: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault will only end in Cleveland County when every man, woman, and child becomes educated about domestic and sexual abuse, and believes in the core of who they are that no one deserves to be abused, ever.
  • We want to create accessible points of entry for survivors: Survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence do not always present at the hospital; our team wants to make, sure no matter where a victim may present, they will receive a consistent and respectful experience.
  • We want to create Inter-agency Protocols: The Team believes that well established protocols for making referrals is the best way to maintain holistic, victim centered, respectful, and effective services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
  • We want to be visible to the community: The team wants to make sure the community knows about us and what we do, in order to make use of our abilities, talents, and resources for the betterment of Cleveland County.
  • We want to foster an environment in our community that encourages survivors to seek out services and discourages abusers from perpetrating: Because Cleveland County is comprised of  small towns, there are very unique barriers for survivors when it comes to coming forward and seeking services. The team wants to help create an environment in Cleveland County that is: open, compassionate, respectful, victim centered, without victim blaming or judgment. The Team also wants to make sure we are sending a clear message to perpetrators and potential perpetrators that what they are doing is wrong as well as illegal, our community will not tolerate their behavior, and they will be caught and consequences will be administered.
  • We want to make sure we are not forgetting about the needs of under-served populations:  LGBTQ, women of color, immigrants, the elderly, teen survivors, and persons with disabilities are all populations that can be treated differently because of a personal characteristic. The team discusses how to make sure survivors from an under-served population receive the exact same high quality services as other survivors.

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