How Can I Support APC?

The Cleveland County Abuse Prevention Council’s ability to continue providing quality services to survivors of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, homelessness, and homemaker displacement depends on the support of community members and organizations, like you.

Donation Receipt

While there are many ways to support our agency and its mission, here are some of the ways you can become involved in helping us make Cleveland County a safer place to live and thrive:

Donate — Your donation is tax deductible, and may be made in person or by mail or via the Paypal button.

Needs List — Our shelter and programs are always in need of donated items.

Volunteer — Our agency was founded by the shared vision of volunteers and continues to thrive, thanks our highly skilled and compassionate volunteer community.

Fundraisers — Consider supporting our agency by participating in an upcoming fundraiser as a volunteer, donor, or by sponsoring one with us.