Our organization began in 1984 with the shared vision of six volunteers. In 2010, we celebrated the accomplishments and dedication of nearly 200 volunteers and supporters, without whom APC could not fulfill its goal to make Cleveland County a safer place to live and thrive.

APC volunteers and supporters make a profound impact on the lives of our clients, whether providing general office support, answering our crisis line, accompany survivors to the hospital or legal proceedings, or organizing donation drives.

APC Volunteer

While volunteer opportunities are endless, here are some vital roles our volunteers fulfill:

Court Advocate
Court advocates accompany survivors of domestic violence, rape, and sexual assault who are seeking protective orders at the Cleveland County Courthouse, during daytime hours. Advocates provide emotional support, relevant information, and referrals, as needed.

Shelter Advocate
Shelter advocates are front-line volunteers are our shelter for women and children, answering our crisis line, providing general office support, ensuring shelter security, accepting donations, and responding to the requests and needs of shelter residents.

Don’t see a volunteer opportunity that interests you? Let us customize a volunteer experience for you, based on your unique skills and interests.  Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, at 704-487-9325 ext. 11 or send an email to dsellers AT apcouncil.com to begin volunteering today.  Individuals over 18 years old, and small groups are welcome.